The Evolution of Apple

Recently, many people have been queuing to buy iPhone 14. But have you ever thought about how Apple got its name? You may have heard these theories such as,

  • It was inspired by Eve taking a bite out of the forbidden fruit.
  • It’s from Greek mythology, where Nymphs could gain immortality by eating a golden apple.
  • It’s because “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” 

There is no hidden meaning behind the name. The reason is that Steve Jobs liked the fruit and named his company after it.

Their most iconic branding feature by far is their logo. So, let’s explore the evolution of Apple’s logo from 1976 to the present day.

Using Isaac Newton’s image sitting below a tree – the same Isaac Newton who discovered gravity when an apple fell out of a tree onto his head.


The famous Apple logo was born. A 2D apple with a bite taken out of it and a rainbow spectrum splashed across it. The bite mark was included so people wouldn’t confuse it with a cherry. And it’s also a geeky play on words (“byte” is a computer term).


Landor Associates removed the company’s name from the logo, turning it into the icon that would become iconic for decades.


Today Apple fully embraces a flat, minimalist logo design with a logo that comes in 3 colors: White, black, and silver. It’s a simple-yet-powerful logo that perfectly resonates with the Apple brand.


Why does the Current Apple Logo Work?Their branding focuses on how your experience with Apple makes you feel by unleashing your imagination, embracing innovation, and enabling you to chase your hopes & dreams and aspire to great things. Every time consumers hear the name “Apple,” it gets reinforced in their minds by the visual cue of the logo design, and vice versa. That’s because the logo represents the company’s name.

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