Indomie Seleraku!

Have you ever heard of that slogan? If you are guessing the “fried noodles” variant, then congratulations, you are right! And it means the brand is successful in its marketing campaign because people tend to call almost every instant noodle as Indomie.

How is That Possible? In Marketing, we call it Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA). What is that? TOMA is a strategy focused on the theory that consumers will buy products based on awareness of a specific company or brand. 

If a consumer has to decide between many possible alternatives, they will most likely fall back on a brand name that is well-known and fit to fulfill their needs. In that way, consumers are often reminded about the brand and always have that brand right inside their heads when it comes time to make a choice.

The What-to-Do(s) are…

  1. Consistency is The Key. Maintain the quality and the taste. People will be easier to remember, and it will increase customer loyalty.
  2. Constantly Innovating. Like the BRAND UI’s hashtag, a brand should innovate something new to keep updated and catch people’s attention.

Make a Creative Promotional Advertisement. Make sure it’s catchy, and don’t forget to make an easy-to-remember slogan. Please do remind to keep it simple!

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